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Rawicz Foundry History

Our company was established already
in the 19th century in 1862 as „Fabryka
Maszyn, Kotlarnia i Odlewnia Żeliwa
Johannes Linz“ (Machine shop and
Foundry Johannes Linz). Since 1945
over the years it changed its owners
and was constantly developed and
modernized. In January 1999 the
foundry was taken over by the
strategic investor and continued
production under the name “Odlewnia
Rawicz” (Foundry Rawicz). The
products' portfolio was expanded and
the foundry entered new markets.
Since then our core business is to
deliver castings and solutions for
industries related to machine building,
energy sector, shipbuilding, mining,
construction, agriculture and coke
industry. Thanks to 110 motivated and
highly qual ified Employees our
capacity can reach 4000t per year